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The Palmer Commons meeting rooms are located on the northeast corner of the central campus of U-M.   
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To browse a wider selection of restaurants, try:
-The Ann Arbor Observer's restaurant guide for a comprehensive local source for information on places to eat.  
-If the old-fashioned interface drives you crazy, try tripadvisor.com or similar sites that offer sorted rankings.  Lunch options near Palmer Commons are listed on the back of your name tag.  

There are several excellent, locally-owned and operated microbreweries and coffee places in town; ask any member of the LOC for an expert opinion.  The Kerrytown area close to downtown hosts a farmer's market on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, and a craft market on Sundays.   Zingerman's famous deli is in Kerrytown. 

Spring has arrived!  The frigid grey of winter is in full retreat; buds are on the trees and a host of spring flowers are in bloom.  Days are long, with sunrise @6:30am and sunset @8:45, and moderate temperatures are forecast, ~70F during the day and ~50F at night.  

Nichols Arboretum lies just to the east of the meeting location.  The entrance (see above map) is about a 15-minute walk from Palmer commons.  You'll find here a few miles of running/walking trails, including the possibility of connecting via the riverside trail to Gallup Park and beyond.  A peony garden lies just inside the entrance and usually blooms in late May or early June.

Running: There are many good places to run in or around town.  Some examples can be found at mapmyrun.com, including this one that includes the Arb and Gallup park. 

Biking:  Arborbike is a new bike share service managed in town.  It costs $6/day for a membership and a bike can be used for up to an hour at no additional charge.  You can use multiple bikes in the course of a day.  If you're able to bring your own bike, there are many road and off-road options around Ann Arbor.  The Michigan Mountain Bike Association has an updated trail guide, with the 17-mile Potowatomi trail a local favorite.  Huron River Drive to Dexter is a popular road biking route.  There are dirt roads just outside of town where cyclocross enthusiasts enjoy farm field views with little car traffic.  The nearest place to rent a decent bike is Trail's Edge Cyclery in the nearby town of Plymouth.  Talk to Dave Gerdes and/or Gus Evrard if you'd like more information.  

For cultural and other visitor information for the town, see Visit Ann Arbor
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